18 year parents – kippp текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

ayy uh, okay bih vibes
kippp, obama loves you
ayy, ayy
okay, my b*tch look like icky vicky
make cosmo pull up with the bl!cky
poof poof on a b*tch if they get to shifting
d*nkleberg is a snake, better stop the hissing
okay, f*ck, b*tch, better make me bust quick
and i will not let them on my shoulders when i run sh*t
okay, to meet mrs. turner is now my only wish
i hope she take the d*ck
i need big drip, yes, please, diamond t**th in me
i got jahcoin stacking up like cheese
wonder, that’s me, pass the coochie
okay, honda civic, take the top off
mr. crocker when i c*ck her, i’m bending that back
if she a stalker, i’ma block her, no following back
i’m a pirate, a marauder, got booty all mapped
i bet ya’ aunty take my hot dog
b*tch, go look at these benjis
making so much bank, it’s heavy
i be buying gucci, fendi
pull up in a purple bentley
i hit her with a p**p sock
steal your boyfriend’s dread locks
pull her weave while wearing crocs
i do no race, i only walk
i wish for a lambo, i wish for some pancakes
i wish for my dog and i to have a cool handshake
i wish for some baked salami

- kippp текст песни