with my father’s dead body – kirsan текст песни

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i wanna lay down with my father’s dead body in his grave x4


dad, i miss you

tell me have i become a sinner?

did i live up to your expectations?

i’m sorry

[verse 1:]

whatever happens in life, it comes around and goes around

the part that really hits me and sticks with me are the ghosts around

the rose around my neck, will it forever bloom or fade away with time?

if i pick up a gun and make’em rain on their bodies

would you consider that a crime?

mom, i can see my granddaddy and grandma lookin’ through your eyes

mom, i want you to replenish through the sickness and make it till my demise

your eyes, they tell me that the co-existence of both of our lives

is the only meaning that really makes sense and no other lies

and if the notion motions the emotions all the good portions are dead

on your intelligent quotients i bet

what is life if you’re not livin’ it?

what is hustle if you’re not k!llin’ it?

cause it’s got a monstrous will in it

to slowly poison you and suddenly choke you to death


i’m livin’ my life on debt and bank loans

d-mn irrelevant like a blank note

broken crib, no car, no freakin’ fly clothes

you question me does it really matter?

f-ck yes, it does

i seen poverty, i seen poverty, i never dream of poverty, but i seen poverty!

i’m the bpl of the mcl, middle cl-ss life

have you ever had sleepless nights without no food and water?

no room to empower yourself

your wealth, your health deterioratin’ in parallels

stickin’ my d-ck in a pair of those

tits like caramel

i was influenced by the temptation of a seductress

caught up in her bondage and stone- clutches

and how i observe the whole situation obverse

b-tch, i’m still holdin’ tight to my grudges

please bear with me

i am tryin’ to fight for somethin’

climb for somethin’

or may be at least die for somethin’

but for now, i’ll close my eyes and say

i wanna lay down with my father’s dead body in his grave

[verse 2:]

i’m tryin’ to put up my life on a canv-ss

recapture every highs and lows with these cameras

i can’t exactly reckon where i’m lost even with an atlas

my life is startin’ to lose light with these blackness and madness

no answers for cancers

no sympathy in this campus

hey sis! i don’t wanna let you fear

but all i can do is catch your tear

and when that f-ckin’ crooked thing called life unclears

your vision

close your eyes and envision

let the light penetrate through the prism

the souls of our loved ones converse with us, you just need to listen

you might face a lot of criticism

contradiction and collision

i just want you to know that even when i’m gone i’m still with you

don’t let the tragedy hit you

just know that you’re always beautiful to me

and mom, that goes for you too!

but for now


i wanna lay down with my father’s dead body in his grave x3

i wanna lay down with my father’s dead body

[verse 3:]

i’m sick of livin’ my life as a clown

we all each share a piece of our ups and downs

and no wonder why this m-sseuse called sadness is rubbin’ down

at least for once in a lifetime we all been drowned

but for f-ck’s sake i need a life- saver, why don’t you f-ckin’ come around?

and in my pursuit to becomin’ the greatest

i face rejection, objection on a daily basis

god d-mn, i can’t walk in my shoes, i’m startin’ to undo the laces

it’s funny how your own life can f-ck you up, my life is a rapist

i think it’s finally time to close the chapter and say this

i wanna lay down with my father’s dead body in his grave

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