20 aug – freestyle – kobi spice текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

yeah, check it
lets go
one time
this that fresh fresh
let’s go
tell em’ how it is
come on now

f*ck a label
they can suck my d*ck
don’t you ever think i worked this hard to be a b*tch
b*tch went back to soundcloud
hear that sound loud
what you know about hood fame?
you never bring a crowd

what the f*ck is urban
you ain’t never been around
f*ckin clown
that aussie hip hop
never been tip top
now you getting ticked off
cause i’m just makin’ tik toks
and all them birds get (?) out
and you don’t get a f*ckin dime
started on my own
half a milli, i’m just f*ckin fine
my n*gga, jay jay
(?) and f*ckin mine
i f*ckin did it bro
(?) bout to blow
but you been watching your already know
back when (?)
mattrеss on the floor
he told me if i want
go and gеt some more
but never told me what for
i just put the work in
never told me what for

- kobi spice текст песни