100words and running freestyle – kryptiq текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1]

im the most wanted in the rap game/
way i k!ll flows i was charged with 1st degree murder/
now i’m locked in bars like the ones i spit/
ain’t from the ghetto but i rap for the street/
did i mention i been rapping since a phoetus/
never been good at math but now i’m counting figures/
one time for the haters/
two time for the haters/
three time for the haters/
four time for the real ones/
[verse 2]
like armageddon/
i’m not from the ghetto/
a regular fellow/who’s covered in yеllow/
i got a propeller/
i rap acapella/i got a vindеtta/
with nelson mandela/
i’ve never been better/but i’m goin further/
they plucking my feathers/
i’m minding my business/
im always a menace/
i’m hot as a furnace/
the lord is my witness/
my style is off the chain like a stray dog/
y’all know than i can (i.k) smooth talk/
but i took another route/
if you bite i knock you out/
i be spitting off the top of a rooftop/
[verse 3]
see i’m never gonna give up/
i be pouring all my tears up in this stuff/
see these people change colors like some litmus/
but i’m rapping (wrapping) errday ain’t no christmas/
like a lady working in a house, i was made (maid) for this/
up on a mountain forty days i would pray for this/
no clue head filled with uncertainties/
i’m on a path searching for where satan is/
i’m in the booth errday no airtel money/
i’m flying like a
bee now they call me honey/
my life is a treadmill so i keep running/
life is a treadmill ..keep running/

- kryptiq текст песни