booty me down – kstylis текст песни

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“booty me down”

booty me down. [repeat 16x]

[verse 1:]
booty me down.
take it to the ground.
bring it back up.
gimme gimme now.
she a bad b-tch.
make it bounce b-tch.
i make it rain trick.
this some stripping sh-t.
then i dig her down.
make it wiggle down.
left -ss cheek.
right cheek now.
hit the splits now.
make them p-ssy sounds.
three point stance.
time to get it now.

booty me down [repeat 17x]

[verse 2:]
make that -ss clap.
gone bring it back.
where them girls at?
time to hammer that.
toot it then i boot it.
coochi is the target.
and if she’s not about it step up out my office.
got my homies now.
she bootyed them down.
we took her to the crib.
gained that booty down.
i’m talkin freaky sh-t.
time to get around.
twerk special session.
it’s time to get it now.

booty me down [repeat 17x]

ahh ok. where them girls at? [repeats 8x]
time to dig down. [repeat 8x]
booty me down. [repeat 8x]
down. [repeat 16x]

- kstylis текст песни