1996 – kyuke текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1]
ayo stop the tape, i gotta get something off my chest
listen here real quick before you press next
on the mic i know they tryna put me to the test
they say i gotta couple minutes to k!ll it well say less
i’m cynical, aiming at your head, shot, critical
it’s pitiful, i can’t even think of 10 syllables
i’m a k!ller like kira so you know i take no l’s
elephant in the room so when i’m near you can tell
im roaming like a roman or a ronin goin for the k!ll
and showin no ones will and soul can grow when you below me
coping, feeling like you’re hanging on an old string
wishing i can spare you but i’m the one bowling
i’m a rebel but i never step onto a higher pedestal
headed into trouble like the shepherd with the pebbles
i’m the david of the situation you know i’ll never fail
so don’t run from me because i’ll be right upon your tail
like ba sing se, i’m hard to play, and that’s an odd thing to say, i’ve come to slay

[verse 2]
back on the track just sit back relax
flows abstract these just the scr*ps
kinda feeing l like i got a destiny
a place to fit in where i’m meant to be
where dreams and reality run separately
or am i just awake dreaming helplessly?
who woulda thought? that id walk? through these hallways in the dark?
tryna find one to leave my mark
but i’m
kinda feeling different lately
proving to people they shouldn’t underrate me, don’t try to shape me
never let my inside dictate me, create me
will i ever escape me
nothing to say
i never thought that it would have to end this way
if you said sorry then i’d all be okay
now i’m close to giving up
and that seems enough to be enough of this

[verse 3]
yo, a minute ago
i didn’t know what i wanted i wanted to say
but i’m confident in my ability, so
the beat’s fast but i’m still k!llin’ the flow
spit heat blasts, you know i will go and put on a show
tell my fans that i’m sick of the cameras
stumble and i always fall, you know i stay gettin’ up
sick diction, i spit different like professional
k!ll beats, but not a murderer, assassin, executioner , etcetera
i’m just kiddin’
but not playin’ when i’m sayin’ i’m not missin’
good enough to do it for six figures
i go fast without those noxious emissions
lemme give you an image
get the ball and it’s to me you tryna dish it
at the point where i’m sick of winning
might give ya’ll a chance and say that i am quittin’
cuz when i shoot them 333s
you know i stay swishin’
spit fire like i’m iroh
kendrick and i boutta send ya’ll for a spiral
control my flames

- kyuke текст песни