19 – l e k a n i текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...


’21 a new year
time to self introspect, time for self love and that
put myself before everybody and everything oh
turning 19 this year
man i really feel old
never thought i could make it with all this sh*t going on
mentality feel like p*wn, i really need to move on
it’s time to conquer like kings or better yet
like a queen
life is a game of chess
you choose your part
then play it next
don’t live by guessin’
leads to stressin’
impression also lead depression
high school we get some closure
there are things can’t get hungover
like being black or being white
being eve and being adam
please respect your self dear madam
lost myself inside a planet
sometimes you fool yourself to think that your a g*nius
it’s best to live your life
the way you want
so find financial freedom
got some books? you should read em’
people talking? don’t let em’ mislead you
just pray to god
’cause that’s a really heavy deed
speaking of god
it’s time to connect
i have done lost myself
i fear that when it’s time to collect
i might be left behind
it went across my mind
i know the stars aligned
but time shall come
we can all shine and conquer yuh
time to stop
forcing things to become proper
you never know when people start thinking
that you ain’t poppin
so if feel that you are forced with sh*t
stop it
think twice before you f*cking cop it

- l e k a n i текст песни