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i say who these n*ggas f*ck these n*ggas we’on know these n*ggas
they in they feelings i’m in some p*ssy, i’on owe these n*ggas one thang
another thang we been cod3*rno since tenth grade
and alotta sh*t has changed since we walked across the stage
they ain’t yea friends no more
they done turned hoe for the fame
i ain’t tripping
i said, free my cousin big
and i graduated
i could give a f*ck about you n*ggas
he was glad i made it
ten bands another band
and we gone spend that just on the weed and the bottles
throw a party out on landis bring the hood to the college
til them white girls twerking onstage for me at coli
i ain’t tripping
i say ten bands another band to drop it low for me
that ain’t my pride just come inside and start off slow for me
that ain’t me flexing them tweets and instagram post from me
i am just that n*gga, feel it’s what every girl owe to me
whoa is me! like hold up n*gga we ain’t grow up n*gga
i got them toys, we ain’t matured what’s the hold up n*gga
don’t let ray get impatient, he’ll blow up n*ggas
loc’ll bury you for fertilizer, what you growing n*gga?
putting ten bands on them grams bruh that’s aubrey
i’on f*ck with too many n*ggas it’s all me
myself and i and until we die we squad deep
ain’t no sabbath for blacks n*gga no ozzie
i remember them solemn nights on tharpe street
me and gods be pitching weed by godby
in the first quarter with quarter o’s don’t guard me
that weight was like lebron at the post n*gga get off me
and my dealer didn’t charge me
money made me come and now we waiting on the offspring
so the off chance you get a n*gga to start me
ask ya self how p*ssy look to a lion that’s starving
i say it’s something but you chillin’ witcha thong off
some way i gotta get this bone off
ay you gone get the d*ck girl no talk!
i got the scholarship get that loan off
i say ten bands
that motherf*cker go insane with that one hand
my hand my brother man
blaciron no others sayin
dont know what they undersayin
they under statements
they know that they can’t see me
they mother fakin’
i mean know they taken and know they hatin’
spitting that fire like they know it’s satan
know they place
i know i’m patient
i know staking
i know i’m taking every sake that i get
every grace that i hit
every mason i see
every n*gga that known me from the old days
both ways, bold face
have that p*ssy singin’ like ojays
if ya know me
coke weighed
long ways, i know that o play
yeah o for o they take it go place
yea like go pay for it yo face
eating it up like yoplait
so baby whatchu talking, i say whatchu
i say yeah its something boutcha chilling witcha
fbi tap we made it:

um you better, and i wrote this sh*t
so still f*ck with it

gotta bout 40 new songs for the tape i might drop a lil later
isn’t it funny my verses so c*cky i’m already famous
and all that it took was some p*ssy some follows and instagram statements
but sh*t i just work like there’s four baby momma’s
and child support payments
i do flexing, you stressing
i just write verses to murder these n*ggas
spit it so you never heard of these n*ggas
then f*ck yo babe just outta courtesy n*gga
k!lling these rappers and k!lling that p*ssy that they eat for dinner
that instagram picture just so reminiscent of when you was with her
sh*t this so perfect cause you just be spitting and b*tches wanna f*ck with you
drake i just might use this flow couple more times cause b*tches they f*ck with you
nah my flow crazy, nah my flow stupid
n*gga wanna use it then won’t shout a n*gga out when he use it usually
n*gga just spit a freestyle off the top and let it go and that’s it
but every verse that come thru your speaker
n*ggas would say is that sh*t
and if you * love me you would get on facebook and say that sh*t
and if you in class or at home sing it and say that sh*t
i just wanna go back to momma look at her like n*gga we made it
look at her like (mumble) * dammit you know that we paid it
show up to her house with a couple a checks for a milli we made it
milli we made it, yeah i f*cked up yeah n*gga we made it

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