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подождите пожалуйста...

yo*yo*yo! yo*yo*yo!
thinking of every, every dollar that got her
to swallow s*m*n
i didn’t think that one train would be the problem even
you gotta see it from our perspective
we are suggestive, we narcoleptic
f*cking these hoes with no contraceptive
tried to make a conscious effort
to thank my old hoes
i wanted more p*ssy
they wanted more dough
we like the free boosie campaign some crazy ass m*f*’s
they ain’t get it my fours up now that boosie out
you gotta conscious ass n*gga with a ruthless mouth
coming from tampa bay where they either shootin up or shooting out
recruiting outta the hoods taking all of our children like sh*t is all good
man i’m wishing y’all would try to test a motherf*cker
best invest in some protection unless yo vest can hold you up
we so invested in yo death i told them boys to blow you up
they said no, my second attempt was gasoline
spark my blunt and toss my lighter and pop one in yo spleen
(man whatchu mean?)
i been starving lately
my bars are crazy
and my poppa made me a fool
and he prolly shouldn’t have gave me the tool
cause now anybody who ain’t spitting that real
i’m grazing them fools
(man that’s just how you feel?)
like a motherless child i ran away
them thoughts i couldn’t stand to face
i was tryna get my family straight
and alla dem songs i’d prolly jam today
i gotta blow them mans away
man this a one way ticket to h*ll
where every runway is infected with gunplay
fulla praying mommas that say that we gone make it one day
well one day ain’t coming fast enough b*tch i need it
i’m waiting on a cd while y’all waiting on jesus
i’m tryna look successful before i meet em
laugh about it over a blunt and tellem how i need em
say without em alla these demons i couldn’t beat em
and it seem like all it takes is just one hot feature
(how you do it?)
cause he gave me the tool that the slave master
gave to his fool, in other words
i’m just enslaving you fools
and n0body rockin a show unless i gave it the cool
shout out to lupe so boy you crazy
i’m off to ukraine where i dont know these n*ggas problems
what the f*ck is you sayin’?
well over in the us ain’t sh*t been the same since hussein
barack a don, say don (sadam) hussein
im just tryna drop my bomb right up in this thing
shout out to flex
and this ain’t cause i’m flexing or i’m flaggin’
just a f*ck you with a flamin’ hot passion
we got another one

- lance markeith текст песни