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[verse: natempire]
it’s a broken map, who drew the lines
we do the time, but ain’t no time
dive in divine, you’ll find design
there’s a author to your grace
ain’t no time and sp*ce you wanna break
you gotta grind, i’m only 28
it always feels too late
fate was always crazy, tell me if you met her
a pathway of scarecrows and cowardly lions
you gotta do define
can’t hear your bullsh*t, i’m deaf [?]
what i want the world to be
met a cutie with a booty (juicy)
i loved her so i’m [?]
couldn’t do the duty, heart broke (broken)
blunt tote (totin’), thought provoke
now i’m tryna be the hustle goat
the sons of the planet, our footsteps are granted
if you see the canvas, the picasso
big nostrils, god flows

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