36 chambers – leo chambers текст песни

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aye pay attention see this ain’t the type of sh*t you should be missing
it’s leo baby bow in the presence among my wishes
h*ll of a fixture how this n*gga get in the mixture

try nah get richer here while i’m rolling up on this swisher
very expensive britches my riches be in the stitching
silence the b*tches then have the peasants come the mission
gotta be kidding gotta key an eye on emissions
idol the kinship but make a rival of all the tension

what a n*gga gotta do now revamp hit em up with a new style
peep now we shall get wild no doubt endow this style on people
done did the futuristic sound i think i’ll go medieval
deceive you if you try to be equal with a f*cking boss
cut you off i ain’t eager to take a f*cking loss
you talking bout give a f*ck won’t give an ounce
raid ya castle and tell ya ass that you better bounce
winter is coming we hitting you where it f*cking counts
that’s a thrones line i goes live at go time
n*ggas hyping they features i’ll k!ll the sh*t with no cosign
gun shot pow pow n*ggas think its a murder
some ill sh*t what i’m repping
this type of sh*t is unheard of
get money then i stack then flip this sh*t like a burger
my spare time be boss moves this type of sh*t don’t concern you
in the lab spitting that fire this sh*t’ll cause a riot
got tw1ne cooking cocaine bet the studio get indicted
n*ggas act tough wanna step up i encourage you to try it
cause dude i got goons like bad guys in cartoons
take a seat cause the show is about to start soon

aye who they repping best believe you see me repping
h*t*c*d n*gga i hold the city down
412 that’s my city them my f*cking rounds
leo chambers on the scene i ain’t f*cking round
shot out the city hit up houston you gone see me round
if a n*gga hit the benz f*ck it i’m a trade it in
but make em pay that sh*t in full now just to make amends
i’m trying to make some ends flex then do that sh*t again
not compensating for f*cking greatness i’m raking in
see i don’t want that benz no more i don’t want them rims no more
i don’t want that tint i don’t want that grip i don’t want that whip no more
that’s the type of sh*t i’m on haters on my d*ck and b*lls
and n*ggas stealing my style now gotta shake em off

speed up get em back back hear the clap back that’s that
nap sack for the back track snap chat gotta snap that
get a snap back that’s that backlash for the crack back
snap back to reality you ain’t challenge me toss yo ass in a trash bag
that’s that leo chambers flow i explode on a track like
rat tat tat tat tat rat tat tat tat tat pow
you n*ggas see me now they swear that i done f*cked up
had to switch the style
they think that i went ghost cause they ain’t see me in a while
been working on my craft lil n*gga do the math
now i’m back full attack
it’s an outrage k!lling sh*t through these sound waves
baby girl think she special just use that ass for that pound cake
i don’t trust here what no n*gga say cause now a days they sound fake
check me out on that sound stage my sound gauge make the ground shake
i’m gone

- leo chambers текст песни