20,000 blunts – leon’swolf текст песни

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i’m [?]
i ain’t come here to make friends, nah, [?]
shooting for the stars and my scope got focus
wanna see me lose but he vision [?]
we be in the scene, john cena, can’t see us
’cause where you at? lil’ n*gga, we on top of
anti*world reign
you was having sunny days, then we brought rain
bad n*gga life, like it’s a funny game
say you [?] but these n*ggas just toxic
tryna keep my lane but i’m going insane
say you in the field but [?]
p*ssy in they feelings, haha, [?]
me, i walk like i talk, sh*t talking, you a lame
i don’t give a f*ck, [?]
tryna [?]
all that’s in my mind these days is the guap, man
[?] h*lla soft, got cheese, macaroni
n*ggas talk hefty, i support what i’m saying
wanna be a foe, you ain’t even in my lane
walk up in the spot, let both my nuts hang
stepping up to us, n*gga, let them folks hang
b*tch, i love the hustle, i hear money rustle
[?] problems
wolf need racks, [?]
i can’t get a n*gga to the top, give ’em props then

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