30 shot – li boone текст песни

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i got 30 shots glock c*ck ops drop posted in tha trap b*tch i’m tryna serve these rocks big 40 cal with a bim this b*tch don’t stop ….swerve on yo block i get surgical with tha glock trap ain’t yo sh*t shoulda stuck to playing sports ………… b*tch i’m from tha block but i’m tryna put him in that yard
shoulda hit u with tha glock tha 38 make to much noise he say he te’d up well i’m tryna hit me with tha tec nie he starch he a mess dumb ass shoulda had his vest he doing all that tweaking b*tch said with yo chest oh he can’t i forgot that chop took half of his neck he say he won’t a verse well i need half of yo check she say she won’t a pruse well i need all of yo neck thses bullts yea they hurt they tryna rep throw a n*gga flеsh ben that cone think i’m lacking watch u catch 8 to tha head

2xthis chappa gotta a cooling cit it bе on sum cooling sh*t u pull up to tha seen watch i shot a movie b*tch these bullts come together they be on sum groupe sh*t yea my n*ggss tryna smoke u up just like sum looses b*tch …

- li boone текст песни