007 – li heat текст песни

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ay let that sh*t ride, tuck! ay
let’s go, ay
i’m in this b*tch no flat with kenny
they ask me how many shots i got, too many
i’m just shootin until this finished

racks in my hand imma pop my sh*t
won’t play man to man whole gang on blitz
designer on me, i look like a l!ck
bought a big ass drac i’mma shoot til it quit
so many players i don’t know how to act
i’m having racks out the ‘raq
if he punt me a pack i’m runnin it back
like ray lewis i need a sack

[verse 1]
i run this sh*t like lamar
[?] and them n*ggas ain’t street they just be actin
play me a beat like i send on snap
’32 in the glock i’mma work my magic
my rap is real i’ont do no cappin’
n*gga shot up my house and i caught him at church
tryna flip his car like a project [?]
like a round of applause lil heat get to clappin
woulda caught me a body but the k had jammed
now the mac best friend like gina and pam
price went up 25 for a gram
i’m taxin these n*ggas like i’m uncle sam
everytime i score i dance like cam
feelin like ty girl i slid in the ram
lil heat been [?] feel like lil bam
treat these ho’s like a dog, get behind and i slam
[hook x2}

[verse 2]
i forgot how to drill but the glock i carry
like a lil 6 piece i’m higher than [?]
17 in the glock i ain’t doin no risk
d*mn the opps take names they keep on tellin’
got nun for a b*tch but the dreams i’m sellin’
got the gas at school i’m knowin’ they smell it
like fredo i pop out and bang
treat the glock like mariah i up it and sing
put a scope in the stick so i got a lil range
i’m runnin’ this sh*t like my name mane
might slide on the opps in a jeep
[?] on me so i took all the sheets
real street n*gga b*tch i play for keeps
addicted to racks and i just can’t help
spending sh*t on myself, i [?] selfish
rock out like my name elvis
off a perc i’m chillin [?]

[hook x2]

- li heat текст песни