03 ‘till infinity – libidine текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

writ this as i was on a bus
only showing love
i ain’t ever showing l*st
keep it 100 hundred bro
i ain’t breaking trust
and if you want loyalty
well that’s a must

as we discussed before
we can never break the trust
that we had before
call me king biggie
cause i’ll kick in the door
waving 44 leaving corpse on the floor
ask your girl if she still wants more
cause the b*tch is h*rny and she’s screaming encore
got all the green you can call me drug store
csa vs usa that’s the american civil war

i’m from the uk
where there’s no liquor stores
only smoking weed i ain’t drinking alcohol
cause alcohol is disgusting
i’m thrusting to do nothing

just sat here i was chilling for hours
call me fat b*st*rd, not austin powers
unlike, this man here showers
p*n*s curled up it’s all cheesy n sour
you girl there he f*cking deflowered
but it was years ago
oh no
he didn’t even know that it was hurting her little throat
but oh well he just wanted some blow
but don’t take offence to my story
just listen to the flow
hopefully one day we’ll be rich n have dough
although didn’t you know
if you want something sometimes just let go

all you have to do is smoke my indigo cro
now everything feels weird like laminar flow
your legs are long
babylon weeping willow
after long night rest your head in a pillow
wake up with two gallies your just in the middle
and with your little pickle
they done fiddle
rhymes so confusing i’m just calling them riddles
but i chat so much p*ss i’m just calling it tiddle

coming out 03 ‘till infinity
coming out black and white like calling me winnie
coming out beautiful still calling me winnie
coming out taking no l’s still calling me winny
unless i’m caught slipping then i’m just silly
after this tune i might do some frilly
but before that
pull bong maybe zooty
and that’s how you chill from 03’ till infinity

- libidine текст песни