12 deep – light gz текст песни

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my n*ggas they with it boa we mof*ckin urban, huh?
all my n*ggas, all my n*ggas got on turbans cuh
this that hard, dont do to much dont get nervous unc
im on bars you on mars in yo feelings huh
i see future, they tap my phone ain’t no ceilings cuh
i ain’t tweakin, you smokin primo you can’t get no more
trickin b*tches, scamming b*tch ass n*ggas wassup foe?
you get sprayed up, n*gga like yo ass wear cheap cologne
get yo weight up, big body hit the autozone
boy dont play us, smokin sh*t jus like jamaican folk
dark invaders, loco papi boa i put you on

got 12 deep i can’t sleep
i can’t sleep, i can’t sleep
i see dead n*ggas in my dreams
b*tch im ice cream
sh*t froze to the feet

chiefin onnat loud
i can’t do no coke
my chest gon explode
girl that ain’t no joke
i love way too hard
i can’t be alone
yeah i like people
i stay with my folks
i stay in my bad
you stuck in yo head
i can’t do no drag
b*tch n*gga thats dead
i can’t show my rag
i still got my dreads
i gotta take my meds
i can’t go to bed
(ight lemme hear that)

- light gz текст песни