10 toes – lil 2z текст песни

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hol’ up, hol’ up
h2 got the bangers

a banger, me and lil dom got another
all i talk is that two sh*t like i got a stutter
our mom ain’t the same, but that n*gga my brother
if he say that it’s f*ck it, then n*gga it’s f*ck it
if it’s up with lil bj, it’s up with me too and i promise to god
it’s gon’ be there forever
that’s my brother i’m sticking with him through whatever
cus me and lil bj be spinnin’ together
i took all that weight that i had on my shoulders and
carried that sh*t on my back like some luggage
got fresh donuts stack em’ up by the dozen
got a big backwood filled with 10 piece nuggets
had to hustle for mine i know ain’t nun free
got this sh*t out thе mud like a plant or a tree
better pay what you owе like a fine or a fee
or you can get yo ass stung like a wasp or a bee
i ain’t friendly with n*ggas i know how it go
cus they smile in yo face but they plot on the low
i was f*cked up at times, with nowhere to go
but that hustle gon’ bring you the dollar fasho
i ain’t booking no flight leave my gun right here
gotta stay with my woody like buzz lightyear
i don’t drink, but this kush got me drunk like some beer
i ain’t deaf, but this kush kinda loud i can’t hear it
n*gga we ain’t have sh*t but some hustle and hoes
i be smiling so much cus these n*ggas a joke
in a world f*cked up, but i still ain’t gon’ fold
if it ain’t on my waist then that b*tch on my coat
i was just on the floor, i was just in that [?] tryna make
it to shore
i was just getting two tryna turn it to four
coming home to evictions and sh*t on my door
stuff that sh*t in my jeans, i’m stacking the blue and i’m
spending the green
i’m protecting this gold like the lord of the rings
my hoes got a fat ass cus they eating they beans
well what do you know? they left me for dead with
the hawks and the crows
gotta keep it together, can’t crumble or fold
so no matter what, n*gga i’m standing ten toes

- lil 2z текст песни