2 hunna – lil 2z текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

(h2 got the, h2 got the bangers)

see, i rep that 2 sh*t like i took a boo*boo
these n*ggas just barkin’, all i hear is, “roof, roof”
n*gga tried to run off with some bread, is you cuckoo?
ain’t no touchin’ my chain, this ain’t t.i. and new new
they say i’m f*cked up ’cause i hit these hoes once
then i leave ’em on read like lil 2z was suwoop
and i don’t be worried ’bout none of these n*ggas
they stay watchin’ me like lil 2z was hulu
if you say that it’s beef, you get flipped with a spatula
i’m good with my math, yeah, i’m good with my algebra
i’m ridin’ to the end like a godd*mn acura
i’m comin’ for necks likе lil 2z was dracula
i love when i smack on that ass and it jiggle
thеy call me lil 2z but ain’t nothin’ little
it’s only one n*gga i know that popped iron for me
and i don’t know ’bout the rest of these n*ggas
feliz navidad, i ain’t stressin’ these n*ggas
i’m finna push up, i ain’t textin’ these n*ggas
that hustle sh*t, that was the recipe, n*gga
i’m stuck in my ways to the death of me, n*gga
i been stackin’ my bands like i’m hoopin’ with joel
i need some more cheese that can go with this rotel
and we had a door number, didn’t have a doorbell
and we was f*cked up, livin’ hotel to hotel
and i smell like a pound of some good marijuana
when i count up a hundred, i catch me a b*n*r
i step with my brothers, i ain’t talkin’ jonas
i been social distanced before the corona
this sh*t just come natural, i don’t need a reminder
this sh*t made in dallas, it ain’t made in china
i’m black and i’m white, but this ain’t no desiigner
i don’t f*ck with these n*ggas like a stankin’ v*g*n*
and i don’t know sh*t about bakin’, but i want me some more bread
i already nutted, but she wanna give more head
ride on that d*ck like a brand*new moped
b*tch, i’m a dog, i just ain’t got the four legs
i’m from lynn haven, we slept on the blow bed
where you wake up and roaches’ll be on your forehead
i’m servin’ the youngins, i’m servin’ the oldheads
i’m standin’ ten toes ’til i ain’t got no legs

- lil 2z текст песни