2z montana – lil 2z текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

let’s get this straight now
i never f*cked anybody over in my life who didn’t have it comin’
you got that?
all i have in this world is my b*lls and my word
and i don’t break ’em for no one, you understand?
that piece of sh*t up there, i never like him, i never trust him
for all i know, he have me set up and have my friend angel fernandez k!lled
but that’s history

i ain’t worried ’bout sh*t, but i’m worried ’bout this money
i just hope that my pape’ make it back to the d
you can get the whole thing if you want it
but i’d rather bust this sh*t down all the way to the g
mama ain’t stressin’, she fin’ get a house and some acres
so now she can finally sleep
when it come to this money, i be makin’ these plays
i be feelin’ like luka at the top of the key
this b*tch wanna f*ck every day of the week
and i always act like i got somewhere to be
this b*tch think i’m lyin’, but b*tch, it’s the truth
rather play with my money than play with my meat
i can tell you off top that b*tch ain’t to be trusted
she lyin’ to you and she lyin’ to me
i can tell you off top he ain’t gettin’ no money
but that instagram sh*t make it look like he eatin’
i ‘member back then we was goin’ through h*ll
when i didn’t see the beauty, it made me a beast
used to get me a dookie pack, act like it’s gas
and then turn around, sell that sh*t fifteen a g
first time gettin’ arrested, 12 opened my bag
and said, “godd*mnit, dude, that sh*t really reeks”
i’m movin’ my head, lookin’ over my shoulder
’cause i rap what i live and i live what i speak
went to war with a few and came out with no scratches
i promise to god, boy, them n*ggas was weak
we give n*ggas pressure, now sh*t gettin’ crucial
now n*ggas wan’ b*tch up and run to police
these rap n*ggas lyin’, they ain’t independent
i’m still a stray dog while they stuck on a leash
i’m still stackin’ twenties, these tens, and these fives
at the end of the month, i’ma make ’em look neat
i feel like i’m tony montana, i’m baggin’ up dope in my dolce gabbana (okay)
lil 2z life really a movie, but i never put all of my business on camera
how i been through the rain and i been through the desert, they think that lil 2z a camel
how i be in la and i ball like the lakers, they think that i’m julius randle
give a f*ck ’bout an instagram mention
i walk in the room, i be feelin’ the tension
i feel like i’m webbie, i’m still independent
i just want the money, i don’t want the attention
me and lil bug used to sleep on the floor
and d*mn near every night we was eatin’ that chicken
but that was back then, if we talkin’ ’bout now
it be salmon or shrimp like we stay goin’ fishin’
i’m here, he’s not
if you wanna go on with me, you say it
you don’t, then you make a move
i think you speak from the heart, montana

- lil 2z текст песни