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Songtext von i need a cuete – lil cuete lyrics

подождите пожалуйста...

“i need a cuete”

that’s right
gangsta gangsta
gangsta gangsta

[hook 1:]
in these times, of hate and pain
i need a cuete, to get me through the day
a .24, will do okay
24 ways to put you in your grave

[verse 1:]
we strapped with mac daddy’s, ak’s, and hand guns
turn around look around, we gangstas having fun
stupid mother f-ckers trying to play hit with a glock
el dyablo made me do it, slap you with my glock
throw your -ss in the trunk, simon, we counting shots
smoke your homie down the block, b-mping room let him rock
pick up another ho, let the trigger take it slow
i’m a take the i-5 southside to mexico
no witnesses to the crime, no evidence, we don’t trip
cause they never found the bodies that we stack in your woods
now we lookin for the b-tches with the big o cheeks
she’s talkin about “i love him”, these hos want my riches
but you ain’t getting sh-t, you b-tches better strip
my whole clicka’s in the back, and everyone of us is strapped
we got extra beer, i’m hard as a pit
i got a dollar for that -ss so you better shake them t-ts

[hook 2: x2]
throw your barrio in the sky
wave it to the left, wave it to the right
i don’t give a f-ck
i got my two nines, they don’t give a f-ck
said “who’s down to ride? who’s down to bust?”

[hook 1]

[verse 2:]
now who the f-ck wanna mess with this?
get blessed with this
nine mm mack 10 with a fully loaded clip
strolling down the street, on my two feet
looking for those putos who shot my homie strip
i know where you kick it at, i know where you live
what goes around, comes around, payback’s a b-tch
that’s how we do it, f-ck my enemies
fled the murder scene with my glock 17
a mi me vale madre, southsi es mi vida
saco el pinche cuete que te mata como sida
me tocas de repente, se pasan de bolada
somos notorious, fumando marijuana
i don’t know why you b-tches trippin
i got my two nines handing out st-tches
almost got sparked, as your imagination wishes
i don’t know why, southside is the deepest

[hook 2: x2]

[hook 1]

[verse 3:]
twenty five [?] for murdering mother f-ckers
bangin in my cell, mexicans got the power
locked up in this house, killing one another
f-ck it, might as well, i’m a southside rider
can’t f-ck with no ratas, punk -ss chavala
“this is for the raza,” you ain’t got no palabra
this one goes out to all my homies doing lifetime
for walk-bys, h-m-cides, and all the f-ckin drive-bys
homie i’m a gangsta, killa from the southside
keep it on the down low, put that on the double nine
when you’re left to play, the only way to die, high
won’t even hesitate, don’t even let sh-t slide
so when you come around, at the wrong place, at the wrong time
you get blasted, take your -ss down, with the body in the casket
with no time to sign it, what, d-mn you got blasted
what the h-ll?

[hook 2: x4]

- lil cuete текст песни