0 to a 100 (remix) – lil’ luigi текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1: lil’ luigi]

send a shout to the g’s though, yeah, trust i’m one of the g’s though. yeah, gotta slow it down, no tickets though. i could prolly send a rapper to they momma though. oh, lord! oh, lord. they shhh’d now? your favorite rapper builds what i could take down. 0 to a 100, boy you know i do that right now. if i ain’t, there will always be another time. check? i gotta laugh it off, i gotta laugh it off. haha! you featured ina laughing stock. haha! wait a second you thought i was second? hol’ up, wait a second you thought i was finished? i ain’t done, i just started like a minute ago, i’m just trynna get the paper on a singular go, most the rappers i know forever copping a flow, but as i said getting paper on a singular go. oh, and i am the illest, they gotta deal with it. yeah, i know i’m unknown, just wait on it. political, but i ain’t never finna lie about it, i’ve been automatic however to go for it. ‘eyyy, nowadays, nowadays. ‘ey, nowadays, nowadays. yeah, and i’m an artist with a dream, and you could call me martin luther king

[verse 2: lil’ luigi]

pause, your rapper dying and i be the cause? huh? see, my aim is just to get to more. ha! i’m trynna blow up ina single store. yeah, started from the bottom, started from the floor – flawlessly. now you know it’s l u i g, the i in me is chasing after presidency. that’s whatever though, trust this ain’t whatever though. i need to check myself, doctor said my lines are iller though. oh, no. oh, no. getta brochure, that should let you know on who you trynna vote for, that should let you know that i’m the one to vote for. beena man at early age, heard you still one of the boys, boy, but that’s cool i ain’t stressed, i should let you know i’m wayyy, wayyy blessed. o, yes. o, yes. o, yes. cheque please? to k!ll a rapper probably my favorite deed. oh, oh my, oh my. oh, stop posting on my timeline. oh, i should prolly tell you ’bout my other grind. oh, but that’s another a story for another time. oh, lord! listen up cause i be speaking to ya, i been trynna getta choir say hallelujah, i could prolly tell a story ’bout ray liotta, if i ever do prolly be a loco motive

[verse 3: lil’ luigi]

i swear i think i gotta turn down, i swear i think i gotta turn down, there’s people i can never let down, yeah, i know i’m unknown, but you know now. 0 to a 100 this the remix, prolly wayyy better than the real mix. i prolly tick this off my check list, then be the only clique in your playlist. yeah, it’s just bars, nowadays, huh? they just tynna get paid, nowadays, huh? you could meeta hater nowadays, been building ona daily, can’t get in my way. huh?!

- lil luigi текст песни