2015 (dababy & stunna 4 vegas parody) – lil noi$ey текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

yeah more ricky rick
where’s morty
big forty
in the party turnt up feel like shawty
what you wanted
and i know that she want me

get the money i’m getting that counter i’m getting i’m getting that bread you know what i do
walk into the party i’m toting my shawty lil n*gga i finna go shoot it
get to the bag big bouncer hit a l!ck i finna move it
walk in the party i move it
money on me yeah i knew it

my pockets is fat albert
i kicked her out bouncer
her p*ssy is sweet you sour
that n*gga he dipped coward
that shorty to clean flower
i got the pack flour
hitting that b*tch for a hour
these n*ggas is squarеs tower
i am to strong power
i’m too cool and you know that i’m sick with it
if i’m leaving the party i’m toting my shawty little baby i feel like sl!ck rick with it
i can spit on the track and make that sh*t blow up i guess you can call that sh*t a habit
i’m hating these n*ggas i’m loving these b*tches i swear you can call that sh*t a passion
these n*ggas is squares cabinet
her booty too fake plastic
they going out sad tragic
got the money you know i’mma cash it
finna get to the mother f*cking bag you know lil noi$ey i finna surpass em

said shout out to ace i be doing the race but the b*tch still get nothing for xmas
she ride on my d*ck like a lexus
sipping that dirty it shipped out from texas
your main b*tch she’s sending me nudes she still on request i ain’t answer the message
said shout to stunna 4 vegas and dababy you know they be keeping a weapon
opps need security they ain’t put fear in me know that they finna protect em
my new whip cool got the drip like the pool watch me pull up like the jetsons

watch me pull up like the jetsons matter fact i feel like the flintstone’s
my b*tch bad red bone
pull up with a stick stick long
i hit that b*tch then get gone
they hating they all wanna be me
my wrist is cold fiji
she swallow my nut like its lychee 4x
went platinum 4x in november your man he still out here selling the cds
big body n*gga lil boi don’t touch me you couldn’t ever ever come beat me
i’m a real demon lil n*gga say my name three times and i’ll appear like the ouija

- lil noiey текст песни