2020 draft intro freestyle – lil pitty текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

it’s pitty
waterbury open
i am the pit master

i got beats my hous smitty
introducing your new favorite rapper
my name is lil pitty

rising up from the pit to bring the burn
no need to wait cuz it’s all ya’ll’s turn

who’s up first?
how bout this tall fred durst
i could draft on auto and your sh*t would still be worse

hey waz
a house, roof, taxes, garden with a moat
hi dad! m43 down you’re throat (beer toss)

mac, why you laughin?
at the top of the league, i ain’t never saw ya
like a gm whip, i gotta boy recall ya
roll over, play dead, i’ll pet your belly like a pupper
come on call sue, tell her
“i’m not gonna make it home for suppa”
gunner lookin at ya abs
even chase can count 6
but boys if you’re missin a sock
check his d*ck!

stem, i can take care of you in just one sentence
don’t forget your entrance

the black mamba
and a plate of onion snacks in front of fat boy zekaj
two things that don’t fly

hey is you cum da dum da dum cum cum, stupid?
you stayed on site for pitty, but just like jr’s dad
it doesn’t end well

hey guys, smitty’s got a wedding in the city what a pitty
smith this is warzone, now i’m the dj
you v. pitty? let’s call it d day

lomax – ya cracked ya head, ya p*ssed the bed
he’s drunk as a skunk
if ya sleepin with him, you best be top bunk

hey renel
this rap reb*ttal is a year in the making
and just like michael j fox, boy i got you shakin
ooh pitty’s spittin, he’s out of the peppa
i’m a cash out, like a leper

almost done, but i’ve gotta go acapitty on this one
cut the music

i created you
i must destroy you

jordy – thought you could get a free pass?
i saved you for last, you can kiss my ass
waterbury open? waterbury closed
i’m doing lyrical jujitsu to tell you the belt don’t fit you!
imma take ya title, imma take ya dog
i don’t care if you’re the devil or christ, just call me god!

- lil pitty текст песни