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Songtext von victimized – linkin park lyrics

подождите пожалуйста...


no regret for the confidence betrayed
no more hiding in shadow
’cause i won’t wait for the debt to be repaid
time has come for you

victimized, victimized, never again victimized [x2]

they’re acting like they want a riot, it’s a riot i’ll give them
as the sound climbs higher on this violent rhythm
for you snakes in the gr-ss, supplying the venom
i ain’t scared of your teeth, i admire what’s in em
keep ’em waiting in the shadows there, thinking they hidden
but the truth is you don’t have the stomach to get em
go on already, hit em! yeah, you gotta be kiddin’
wanna talk about a victim, imma put you there with ’em!

victimized, victimized, never again victimized [x2]


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