21 outro – lius sa текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

verse 1

n*ggas always like you when its benefical
moving closer to my goals so i gotta raise the tempo
n*ggas wanna fight but its funny how i always kept it simple
getting bigger on a daily so im popping like a pimple

have you wondered what would happen if i made it through
have you wondered what would happen if i hated too
took my money to invest in my craft , im living proof
you spread rumors all the time like the boy who cried wolf

understand im more than ready
so many rappers in my closet you want more the sp*ce is plеnty
living in my dark days but i gotta be ready
so many problems in my lifе with all this baggage that i carry

professor on the beat but ain’t no chemical x
searching for the bag i gotta find the x
im worser than your ex and better than your next
n*ggas showing love but did it just so they can flex


21 been growing now im 21
thanking god that im 21
verse 2

slapping ass but she throw it back like its thursday
she serving cake when i need it like its on my birthday
dodging l’s making money like im on a subway
h*lla dripping with the sauce you can see my pathway

h*lla hit with the trees
middle finger n*ggas woke but they been catching these zees
freddy kruger on the beat bet i left it deceased
so many verses i be spitting call me the higher priest

n*ggas threw stones but i had them everytime they in need
bible verse on my arm i gotta finish the sleeve
saved some knowledge for the n*ggas always dragging their feet
you talk trash , the next thing they digging up your tweets

i had a dream that i was big so i ran to lose some weight yeah
i ain’t tripping yeah im on a different pace yeah
different flows of all sorts i left them drowning in my wave yeah
so i had to make a wish to move these n*ggas out the way yeah

- lius sa текст песни