speedin’ on da highway / exit 13 – ll cool j текст песни

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“speedin’ on da highway / exit 13”
(feat. funkmaster flex)

[chorus 4x: ll cool j]
speedin on the highway
starin at the white lines we rollin, we rollin (white lines)

[ll cool j]
high speed baby!
it’s two o’clock in the mornin, i’m stompin down on the pedal
look at my ring on the steering wheel and my ice on the bezel
i made a promise to god that i would run from the devil
when the engine is gunnin i’m on a whole other level
white lines connected, i’m livin life like a rebel
my compet-tion is chokin inside my dust when it settle
baby look at me now, i’m just a kid from the ghetto
but i’m on top of my hustle, i move the b-ss and the treble
and i go at your generation, i’m runnin this era
ain’t no lookin behind me, my system shakin the mirror
top speed in the beamer, my head boppin to “ether”
i’m on i-95, clutch burnin the reefer
everybody that rides with me becomes a believer
cause i come from the hood, but i think like a caesar
went from 0 to 60, four deep in the bentley
h-ll yeah i be speedin, that’s why n-gg-z resent me; ugh!


[ll cool j]
yeah, uhh
i said to h-ll with the past, it’s time to live for the future
make the m-ffler backfire and pop like a ruger
don’t have the slightest idea ’bout who you ridin with do ya?
just keep your eye on the white lines, feel ’em goin through ya
between the lines my mind works like a normal computer
my adrenaline’s rushin like i’ve been dodgin the shooter
i get surgical on the road every line is a suture
and you must be a operator if n-gg-z dispute ya
peelin off in a hurry, there ain’t no reason to worry
anybody that challenges me is gonna get buried
12 cylinders gunnin the whole world has become a
grill low to the ground, like a bull when it’s runnin
my lamborghini is hummin, it sings a tune to your woman
so if you make me slow down, i’m peelin off wit’cha onion
you need to stop all the frontin under your hood there ain’t nothin
you know the exit is 13, come see if i’m bluffin


[ll cool j]

[funkmaster flex]
exactly! when we in the car we 22’d up
when we in the big truck we 24’d up, y’knahmean?
when you see me ridin, real fast, your job, is to stay back
pre-b-mper – behind the b-mper fam! alright?
do not race in front of me
i should not be able to see, your license plate
that means there’s somethin wrong here

[ll cool j]
this is the biggest decision i ever made in my life
you do a hundred miles an hour on the highway at night
you go to fasten your seatbelt and make sure that it’s tight
because i’m rippin the paws just like i’m rippin the mic
baby i’m pushin the limits as if i’m racin a bike
tell the highway patrol no need to chase me tonight
the way i’m doin my thang it’s like i’m up in a plane
i hit the stick in the rain, i guess i’m sick in the brain
rocks h-ttin the frame, you think the sh-t is a game
but i’m ready for anybody that steps in my lane
and i know you afraid, no reason to be ashamed
n-body’s crashin my party i’m mashin out on these lames
i devoured the cowards and there is no doubt about it
all these n-gg-z are too g-ssed, they can’t run without it
tried to give me a flat tire, i wouldn’t allow it
i left y’all in the dust n-gg-, i’m too high-powered!


[funkmaster flex]
exactly! when you see us, fast lane middle lane slow lane
it’s all the same thing y’knahmean? we go fast
we got a lot of big wheels on our cars, it’s what we do
aight? when you see us, you salute the kingpins, the generals
that’s us, y’knahmean?
and matter of fact, we gon’ jump off the bridge right now
when you see l, this joint’s in f-ckin effect!!!!
i’ve been dyin to say that!
i’ve been dyin to say that, eighty-six n-gg-!
you know what it is man, first alb-m
ten million, no f-ckin video, yo ll was there!
i warn you! you gotta stop!
there’s too many questions and not enough answers
too many questions, mind your business knahmean?
this is grown sh-t right here, aight?
when you see us, we do this for a living
i’ve been doin this for a f-ckin minute!!!
yo i’ve been dyin to talk crazy on a l record
this is big for me man!

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