tk call #3 – “playa to playa, pimp to pimp” – lloyd текст песни

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tk call #3 – “playa to playa, pimp to pimp”

now i spoke to your b-tch and ya’ll spoke to my man
yo i even make your b-tch laugh ayo
you knows ya’ll ain’t even communicate with your b-tch
ya’ll have secrets, you…
man, f-ck making her laugh man
no no no, hold on for a second young man because i’m tryina put both you n-gg-s up for game
a lot you n-gg-s get on facebook and you claim to be that you got money and some you n-gg-s is broke
some you n-gg-s wanna be facebook gangstas
you understand what i’m sayin?
but i want you to remember something on some real sh-t
when ya’ll out of town and f-cking around on your birthdays as a man wishing you could talk to your b-tch softly in her ear
while you offend her and insult her there’s a man flirting with your b-tch reminding her
hold on a second
there’s man out there reminding her how wonderful she is
so while you hurt your woman there’s a man out there wishing he could love your woman
the only thing in this world that covers up all the pain is a fly n-gg- like me
so i’m hoping you, both of ya’ll
i don’t want your b-tch
i’m trying to teach her discipline, i’m tryina teach her respect
so at the end of the day whether you f-cking with this b-tch or another b-tch
you could say that she took some principle or something
understanding from a real n-gg- and that’s t to the motherf-ckin k
so basically what i’m tryin to say
i just wanna know if i can get your guys’ approval to continue seeing your b-tch
because i think by the end of my program your b-tch will be in line to be the type of b-tch you want er to be
if you still wanna f-ck with her by the time i raise the bar
aye, check this out dog
i ain’t in no bar and none of that sh-t, but listen, if that’s what’s you runnin and it’s workin
aye man, i send a halla at you
aye here at star 7-0-2
hold on a second, hold on, hold on (5-0-2)
take the number down man
yea, good
7-0-2-8-5-0-2 (uhm) 9-9-1-2
aye halla at me when you wanna take mine out of town
i wanna see it for myself
we’ll ball it n-gg-, put it all together
ok, i appreciate it man
awesome, awesome, awesome
awesome, all this sh-t like you said, some playa to playa, some pimp to pimp type sh-t dog
i don’t even gotta see mine til at the end of the day
the next n-gg- love er and the next n-gg- lovin this one
you ain’t doing nothing slick dog
this ignoramus will change regardless so
while you slippin mine in dark i’m slippin yours too huh
wussup with that? you know it ain’t nothing to it
that’s how it is and we all talkin, and we all talkin
right, we all talkin like real men and i appreciate it so i need your number too fen so
holla at your number when i’m picking up your b-tch too
yea yea yea call me too
god bless gentlemen

- lloyd текст песни