2020 – long kay текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

(verse 1)[long kay]
it’s 2020 man im still underrated
i guess that this game is even harder than a graphene yeah
n*ggas acting like they garfield
everytime you drop something they just wanna claim like they taxes yeah
i know things ain’t free this days
even p*ssy ain’t free this days (oh my god , oh my god)
i know things ain’t free this days
even p*ssy ain’t free this days (oh my god , oh my god)

man they been hating us
and we’ve been working hard
it’s 2020 vision clear time to get things right ah
still in the trap tryna make it out
am i gon make it out?
yeahh im gon make it when time is right
turn on the light it’s pretty dark on the other sidе
my bars so heavy they evеn heavy than “jon brower”
these rappers so weak they even weaker than spoink bruhh

watching n*ggas keep on blowing up
did eminem lock the gates though??

ohh wait man i don’t think so
who the f*ck let all these whack rappers inside of eminems crib though?
it’s do or die on a beat
it’s either you die or i die
but it gon take an army to k!ll me
n*gga you feel me
how many n*ggas said they’d k!ll me on a beat? (many)
but guess what now they wasted
(verse 2)[king vicious]

still rapping sh*t cause i’m able
my dawgs did me wrong it’s not fable
time to get the horse out the staple
move too quick and you ain’t even stable your b*tch spread her legs on my table
dive in the cake with some maple syrup
i don’t tell a lie blood is full of truth syrum
head is f*cked up got kicked out the assylum
gunshot in the back as a horse run
2020 man this year it was not fun
it doubled all the problems that is no pun
got robbed twice and ion have a gun
but some sh*t is really hysterical
despite all the bad stuff that was a miracle
made it alive i picture it as a reciprocal
how is n*ggas talking bout sh*t they don’t know

how i’m flipping i don’t know
fix your grip while i show
take a pig then i shove
in your ass as i hope
that you fall off a steep slope
heard my sh*t then you woke
from a dream at your home
in your bed you take your phone
text your b*tch, she with me you get a b*n*r
i woof she gave a dog a bone
im the woo

- long kay текст песни