sucker’s shangri-la – lower dens текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

a false heaven has touched down
this is a sucker’s shangri-la no doubt
are you going to be crestfallen?
a mark playing a game
i fear your hand, the devil in me wants to know, so i ask, oh-oh
is your time running out? your family fortune going up in flames

child, this is not what you’ve been waiting for
they fooled you wanting to believe
it’s a perfect reason to wave goodbye

you can’t even escape it’s shadow
you can’t escape crying over photographs
it doesn’t help that he can see you coming
and he knows how to break you like an animal
you writhe just like a worm because you are accursed, oh-oh
just let me lay here while i vacillate

do i bend? are we bound together evermore?
that’s just how it is out to sea without an oar
drifting off again with the sirens sounding, wave goodbye

- lower dens текст песни