3 percs – lucki текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...


i’m ugly
brent rambo


ay, ay, ay, ajusty
3 percs, one me
take off, nasa
don’t stand one chance, if she don’t f*ck with rappers
i’m out, cali
i’m robbing all the actors
can’t feel my face
i’m falling off these ladders
automatic to the static
wish everything was tragic
wish everything but magic*?
gave my hoe body cameras
what you say, on me, and you
back off, i’m lost, cut off
everything i knew, for you, too you
need you, wish you, would come back, just jump back
that’s auto, that’s my bro
that good gas, gelato
i talk fast, the motto
with no xans i’m hollow
b*tch what friends, they all gone
b*tch what friends, i robbed them
that’s yo mans, i’m not him
that’s yo mans, i’m not him

- lucki текст песни