unhappy – lulu lais текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

what’s wrong with me
i feel so complacent
i feel uninspired
i feel so complacent
dead on the inside
dead on the inside

i’m all wrapped up in myself/cell
dead inside and you can’t tell
i act so d-mn happy
but you don’t really know me

you think the truth is what shows in the light
but life happens in what’s out of your sight
i feel the pain creeping in, i’m alright
i’m not alright
i live in my head
most of the time

you’re so addicted to laughing
(everything sucks, everything sucks, everything f-cken sucks)
i aspire to nothing
i should be dead
sweet dreams and drink lean and fall in line
call back and act whack and waste my time

i dream of nightmares like you are still here
feed me the night terrors
act like it’s all fair

i act so d-mn happy
but you don’t really know me
i hate the things i’ve seen

- lulu lais текст песни