10am in auckland park – luna florentino текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

we are really missing on a lot, but what is that about?
see n*gga acting like it’s something they didn’t know about
see, that’s why sitting in this f*cking drought
you see, they’re stingy with the figures, but we figured a way
we gon’ run this bag up, push it till it’s selling out
spend it on my business and push it to a new amount
n*ggas wasn’t trapping huh?
’till the bras came around
why it takes so long just to introduce a newer sound?
n*ggas wasn’t cool with us, so we’re cold to them
and some can’t be trusted, so don’t leave your sh*t with them
they’re going out sad dawg, doing it for clout
they’re selling out for some records that ain’t selling now (f*ck)
i got my cheese, then i’m out (then i’m out)
get the bag, spread it out (spread it out)
if they’re hogging the scene, take em out (take em out)
you did well, don’t be scared to take a bow (take a bow)
see the thing is, you don’t have to go (have to go)

just find somebody (aye!)
make sure they’re dope (aye!)
just throw a show (aye!)
just put em on (aye!)
just put a budget in their pocket, let em know (aye!)
you got next son, just hold it down (hold it down)
and if you find a real shawty, hold her down (hold her down)
see, most of these n*ggas are probably gonna try to keep her down, huh!
and most of these shawties probably gonna try to diss and clown her
just send the elevator down, it’s h*lla litty
like lil’ wayne did with drizzy drake and nicky
like dr. dre did with pac and eminem
like em did when he got 5o cent
like rick ross did when he found meek
like young thug did when he found keed
my whole point is that a cosign really builds the culture
just got the blueprint from a xxl covers
we need a lotta bricks, ’cause we’re building a bigger structure
and we need a lotta help, so we need us a lotta hustlers
i’m just being real, and i’m keeping this sh*t one hundred
in this business, ain’t no room for sensitive motherf*ckers

i’m just getting to it, n*ggas said hip hop dead
i’m living through it
n*ggas tried to hide my bread, i’m getting to it
n*gga, i just read about my sh*t, i’m kinda fluent
n*ggas sign these contracts, before you know it
money bags come real fast, and then they blow it
drive a bank balance down in a coupe, before you know it
h*lla bad debt baggage, at least you got it in louis
aweh, yeah the rand’s still pap but we aiming for gucci
and that sh*t is dumb as f*ck, but i’m probably guilty
chasing bread ’cause i’m not in the mood for some muesli
you’re a lame if you slept, but now you act like you knew me
couple babes tryna get me to service the coochie
show me love if you know that you’re f*cking with the newbies
i shoot my shot at opportunities, bustlin’ like uzis
i shoot my shot at opportunities, bustlin’ like uzis
i stole the game like a n*gga been shopping at uzzi

- luna florentino текст песни