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Songtext von strange fruition – lupe fiasco lyrics

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strange fruition
(feat. casey benjamin)

[lupe fiasco]
now i can’t pledge allegiance to your flag
cause i can’t find no reconciliation with your past
when there was nothing equal for my people in your math
you forced us in the ghetto and then you took our dads
the belly of the beast, these streets are demons’ abs
i’m telling you that setup in them sit-ups is so sad
the system is a slab
corruption is the swinger sittin high ridin dirty, drag racin into danger
and it’s so clean, pine trees smellin good
with work off in the trunk and n-gg-s in the hood
so i can’t shed blood on any battlefield of yours
i pray the ugly truth comes and shatters your decor
and as it all falls down and tatters on the floor
i shed tears, i don’t know what really matters anymore
cause i don’t know what really matters anymore

[chorus: casey benjamin]
many things, strangest things you ever seen
oh, look at how they swing, would you look at how they swing?
embedded they go, no eyelids gone low
or gone by sundown, they’re dodging 5-0

[lupe fiasco]
now as i wander through the city goin mad
i see the fruits of planting evidence instead of gr-ss
a swindled generation with no patience, full of swag
man, they so impatient with the stations that they have
as long as they look good when they be doin bad
then the separation from the truth is gettin vast, fast
be a slave at first or free at last
double-edged choices make a n-gg- wanna p-ss
double-headed voices from the eagle on the staff
the pyramid where eyes will split the spirited in half
divided over money
delighted by the dummyin down of the importance of crowns we’ll never have
that’s why my sounds and sermons are so full of wrath
baptize your mind, let your brain take a bath
swim inside the river get delivered from the craft
of the witches in this business that be livin off your sad
hatin on your happiness you hit ’em off with laughs
smile ’til they surrender, then you kill ’em off with glad
h-llo evil, i’m back


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