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подождите пожалуйста...

yeah, what?
yeah, i see you
$3500 on a card but you’re still too broke finna use that visa
starve for tonight while the kids get hooked on fake steel chairs and pizza
time for that 9 to 5 to fly to a late night shift i-

yeah, what?
yeah, i see you
$3500 on a car but you’re still too scared tryna use yo visa
3 lil kids in the ville and you still tryna work and make sh-t last
hoping this sh-t finna p-ss
but you be gripping the mask
but you be gripping the gl-ss
but i can see that you sad
never could see it was bad, uh
tryna keep me in the cl-ss
didn’t fit in with the m-sses, yeah
you keep the sh-t in the past, yeah
and i keep it all in my phantom, uh
you keep this sh-t in the bag
what in the
f-ck is the
that it was
all of us
feel you and i feel like you didn’t feel no jesus
you got saved and you turned back when you broke out into pieces
sh-t never left me, uh
feel like that sh-t kinda prepped me, yeah
you tryna see where it set me
so you get hype when you see the giuseppe
see the laurent and you seeing the fendi
go to the top from not having a penny
could’ve been out like these other lil n-ggas but now when i speak it’s like holding a semi
shootin em down, uh
soul hitting the ground, uh
each bar like a pound so every verse got me weighing em out
i swear it hurts when i make the sounds
i hope you see it ‘fore they take me out
i live once just to die for you, yeah
i swear ima make you proud

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