29 blocc – lyndale текст песни

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yon yon’s world n*gga
tune in you ole sukka ass n*ggas

it’s 29 blocc
and ion associate with snitches
ion know who got popped, who got shot
or even know who got knocked
p*ssy pull up where we at and see my dudes got glocks
rip to [?] and treyvon
this lil black thing it’s gon’ sing like its akon
b*tches give me neck and stay the night, call ’em facetime
we 30 deep with 21 40’s and choppa 89’s
[?] in the south and you know about it
sicko in the psych, ion give a f*ck how we go about it
[?] was too crowded, and i paid before a grave
i got keys, p’s, and bands and i ain’t washed in 6 days
just now hustlin’, my hustle started in sixth grade
with 6 grades, i had ’bout 16 zips of k
and since my boy died, i’m tryna f*ck up people’s day
tryna give hoes better sew ins, ugly n*ggas a new face
if he slippin’ with a b*tch, i better hope that he pray
cause the devil made me shoot, but god knows his due date
and ion think that dude straight
in missouri i got hand cannons, in kansas i rock wit k’s
but i pray for better days and ion see that sh*t comin’
for money gang and wood block, boy i’ma keep this sh*t drummin’
fill us up and then we numbin’
big 11’s when we dumpin’
hoes pick us up and ask sum, boy and we ain’t sayin nothin’
who i am?
lil lyndale, yeah lil lyndale
pulled up and popped 9 n*ggas and only had ’bout 10 sh*lls
from drugs, records, and b*tches, i make all that sh*t sell
make the stoley squad down, just to show my sh*t smell
now, rock revival jeans
i came from sellin’ beans
on the corner wit a vest cause i ain’t never trust a fiend
i take muscle relaxers
i sip red, purple, green
my outfit be lookin’ dirty cause my whips be super clean
rob a n*gga on sight, i need money at any means
have zay wit the whip cause i can’t be at crime scenes
if i’m seen, they blame me, n*gga, or my team
and it’s lil lyndale, cross you out like hareem
i k!ll a n*gga on my side for sayin’ yon died
or any funny haha’s that get you cooked like popeye’s
chillin’ out, i be [?] and smoke gas for yo guys
so, free that lil n*gga so i can go ahead and get mine
catch me close range, it’s 30 [?]
how many n*ggas got popped since yon died in my line?
spill my bowl of noodles before i’m up and testifyin’
why lie?
look him dead in the eyes and i ain’t recognize him
i’m a trill n*gga, that young real n*gga
and if you wanna get these drills, i’m in the field n*gga
what i got to live for? and how you feel n*gga?
sike, you ain’t really tryna get k!lled n*gga
cause i got crips that’ll trip, and bloods that show love
i got folks that flip bricks, and [?] my plugs
and i got a gangsta b*tch that have bodies and smuggle drugs
she get wet off clap outs, the crazy b*tch think it’s so fun
she don’t never pull over cause she know i’m on the run
money lordin in the bag gun, n*gga i’m a bad one
tusk fn n*gga, you ain’t never had one
i done bought 3, n 2, n*gga i done stashed 1
big home hit yo plug, told youngin’ to grab sum
talkin’ ’bout you shordy, yeah n*gga don’t act dumb
lil bro, had the x*men in his flat top
had his homie stomach in his back shot
ya ole sukka ass n*ggas
get ya money up, b*tchass n*gga

- lyndale текст песни