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sniper gang got the bl!cky i got the bliky on em, got the gang not goin for em, got the goggles now we amin fo em, driven trucks now we drivin for em, lock the closet cuz he lookin for us, got the paper now writin for em, trappin on em*now he rattin on us, driven trucks now we driven on em (bl!cky da bl!cky da bl!cky, da bl!cky da bl!cky
gang, gang, gang
grrt, bah
(young troy, you a g*nius) bah, bah, bah
got the gang now we poppin on em (verse 22gz) when i get to swerving on ’em
spinning the curb up on ’em
sending suburbans on ’em and we lurking on ’em
ain’t no funeral service for ’em (boom, boom, boom)
i’m on a mission for ’em
sniper gang
got the vision on ’em (sniper da bl!cky da bl!cky)
never snitching, go to prison for ’em (nah)
hundred round drum, thirty clip is on ’em
blood dripping on ’em
p*ssy n*gga went against the gang
you know that’s a violation (gang, gang, gang)
penalty is death, take his last breath
bullets burning like i’m frying bacon
n*ggas dying waiting
never mind the hating
i’m a general, n*gga (bl!cky da bl!cky)
i’m about to put an end to you n*ggas
n*ggas f*cked your baby mama
spent up all your money
all you did was tell on them n*ggas?
you was with this gang banging (what?)
you was tryna be like 22 (right)
i’m responsible for all you n*ggas (bl!cky da bl!cky)
i’m the realest n*gga, tell the truth (bah, bah, bah)
and i know i might alarm you
n0body thinks you a don, q
thirty round knocking off a limb, maybe leg, head
plus an arm too
i could look into your eyes
know you never been on a mission
some n*ggas be b*tchin’ and never really listen
get put in a ditch
and now his mama missing (grrrt, bah, bah)
might put out that hit and now we gotta get him
we caught us a l!ck
and now we gotta wet him (bl!cky da bl!cky da bl!cky)
this sh*t ain’t no diss, ain’t no tory lanez
i pull out that bl!ck and leave no remains (bah, bah, bah)
you don’t want these
bl!cky n*ggas parked inside of highbridge
look what i did (bl!cky da bl!cky da what?)
got the ladder hanging out the stick (come here)
looking like a high bridge (where you goin’?)
you could die, kid (stop runnin’)
f*ck real ryte, y’all can suck a d*ck and get k!lled too
y’all know d*mn well who got y’all mans hit
even kooda blood’ll get spilled too (p*ssy)
(spin the block, n*gga, y’all know what it is)
k!lling n*ggas and i rap about it
like i’m melly, n*gga (right)
ain’t no sh*t that you could tell me, n*gga (right)
murder on my mind
is you ready, n*gga? i’m a deadly n*gga
can’t compare my sh*t to none of these b*tch n*ggas
not jaydee, not d sav
and especially not that snitch n*gga

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