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Songtext von palestine will be free – maher zain lyrics

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palestine will be free

every day we tell each other
that this day will be the last
and tomorrow we all can go home free
and all this will finally end
palestine tomorrow will be free [x2]

[35s instrumental break]

no mother no father to wipe away my tears
thata�a?�a?�s why i wona�a?�a?�t cry
i feel scared but i wona�a?�a?�t show my fears
i keep my head high
deep in my heart i never have any doubt that
palestine tomorrow will be free [x2]

i saw those rockets and bombs shining in the sky
like drops of rain in the suna�a?�a?�s light
takin away everyone dear to my heart
destroying my dreams in a blink of an eye
what happened to our human rights?
what happened to the sanct-ty of life??
and all those other lies???
i know that ia�a?�a?�m only a child
but is your conscience still alive
ooooooh � yeaaah
i will caress with my bare hands
every precious grain of sand
every stone and every tree
cuz no matter what they do
they can never hurt you
cuz your soul will always be free

palestine tomorrow will be free [x2]

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