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Songtext von broken spirits – mali music lyrics

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“broken spirits”

i’m grateful
so grateful for all the lord has done in my life
for seeing me faithful
for changing my heart and ma king everything right
his mercy and power
his name is worthy of my praise
knowing this i still cant understand why i still go astray
maybe i’m not in my word enough
maybe i just need to pray
preaching and teaching i’ve heard enough
just need to change my ways
and lord it’s not that i don’t hurt enough
cus lord god it breaks me down
and all that i have left to offer up are the tears streaming down and a broken spirit
contrite heart
can i ask a question
is this how it’s supposed to be
my makeup and nature automatically separates you from me
i refuse to go a single day without you in my life
i promise i mean it
but i still feel full of everything that ain’t right
there is a war going on in my members
i was baptized in the fire
was delivered
lord do it again
baptize me again
oh lord touch it again
because i know what you can do with a broken spirit

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