hoi i’m temmie! – man on the internet текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

welcom to…
tem village!!!}

[save point]
{you feel… something
you’re filled with detemmienation.}

hoi! hoi! hoi! my name is temmie!
come say hoi to all my friends!

(tem watch egg! tem proud parent!
come visit tem shop, get best deal!)

dats temmie! dat is also temmie
down here, everybody is tems!

(except bob! isn’t bob tem?
tem did not go to cool leg to think hard!)

i’m bob. i’m bob
i’m bob. i’m bob

(they didn’t pay me enough to come up with more lyrics
hi. i’m bob)

ignore bob. he get weird sometimes
it okay though, tem don’t mind

(except when tem allergies kick up! tem allergic to tem! hoives!)

tem flakes, temmie’s favorite food!
in shop, why not give them a try?

[mushroom man]
mushroom interruption!

mushroom dance! mushroom dance!
whatever could it mean?

it symbolises my inner torment, trapped here by my hyphae. my struggle to pull away, my struggle to escape. but alas, to no avail! if only i could see the world above. but even if the barrier was open, how would i leave?

uh…. tem back away slowly. slowly… now tem sing fasterer!

hoi, it’s me! ya it’s still temmie!
temmie run tem shop!
temmie get money for cool leg
ed you kay shun get temmie on top!

tem have lots of things for sale
mostly temmie flakes

yeah, we have armor but can’t really sell it right now. sorry

tem is breaks!

tem learn about tem history!
tem learn good, ya ya you see?
you have shiny thing in pocket!
give it to me p!

tem really need muns right now
no want studen loan!
tem accept anything here
even dog stuff and bone

pleasure do business with temmie! boi, cute hooman!

- man on the internet текст песни