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when nature talks i’m not supposed to hear
i’m not supposed to know, don’t i know
we never were close, i let the feeling go
and let it fade inside
i know why i love i know
you’re leaning down, gently you say “i want to leave”
sure you can go but then you will sleep alone,
though i’m yours
when nature walks, i see it in your legs
it’s something in your style
in the sun
you turned into the wind and took all my surprise
and like a million eyes on me, on me, on me

you’re gleaming now, didn’t you say “i want to leave”?
anything else get it yourself, you know what’s mine is yours

when nature learns nothing’s in control
and nothing stays the same in your way
it will not return until the seasons change
and when it changes fine i’ll go, i’ll go, i’ll go

- maria taylor текст песни