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Songtext von farewell to friends – matchbook romance lyrics

подождите пожалуйста...

“farewell to friends”

a pictures worth a thousand words
but not worth the words i need to hear
i miss you so much that it hurts
and tonight, i wish you were here with me
so i could make you see
the stars, they lay across the sky so perfectly
they remind me of
all the times, when we used to sit underneath them, those summer nights
and fall in love

its not alright, it’s our last night together
i won’t give up, i can’t let go, of you.
i can’t let go of you.

and tonight, i close my eyes and dream that she
is still the one, laying there beside me
i’d walk a thousand miles
i’d swim across the sea
what do i have to do, please just tell me

- matchbook romance текст песни