ca$h $tax – math class clique текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[intro: drew famous & kneecaps]
man, you already know who this is
if you don’t…
then you don’t
but now you do
that’s how we keep it, under the bas-m-nt, under the rock, under the dome
we so underground
we don’t have a home

[hook: drew famous (x2)]
i got so much money, that’s a bank
got so many checks, never blank
got so many hundreds, shouts to rach’
got so many fans, hard to hate

[verse 1: drew famous]
i got so much money you should call me money
iced out, call me everest
no you never sell this
fam ain’t gonna mess with
realest rapper in this game, so i’m reckless
money stacks is bigger than
any rapper in the game, cause i’m k!llin’ ’em
white so call me eminem
t–th ain’t ice, so my dentist never fillin’ ’em
i just made a million
’bout to make a million
after that (after that?), imma make a million
then i’m gonna swim in
all this money, so cold so i’m shiverin’
money flowing faster than your kool aid
swagged out, cause it’s drew man
money fly, call that superman
realest rappers? that’s my crew again!

[hook : drew famous (x2)]

[verse 2: kneecaps]
run this beat, but i got on joggers
beat go hard, but my money harder
your girl thirsty, cause she need some water
i stay fresh, don’t you even bother
i get cash way too easy
lady k!ller, not g-eazy
got so much money, man it’s insane
get it so fast, man it’s usain
don’t talk to me if you ain’t with me
got a hundred calls man i keep it busy
getting cash, that’s my real job
i turn up, like a doorkn-b

[hook: drew famous]

- math class clique текст песни