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bum leg (skit)

i know we shouldn’t be out here during the day
and our elders have spoke, ill of it
but, this place is just so much fun
and then you know they won’t let us play on it
cause it’s so jagged and rusty
(it’s dangerous to be on top it’s so jagged and rusty!)
(are you kidding me? my dad says that it is)
(so dangerous to be here) are you starting at me?
are you staring at my gl-sses?
(well is that what those are?)
yes! they’re called gl-sses, and i have bad eyesight
you’re not supposed to stare at somebody who has a disability
and that’s my disability i have, broken eyes, and a b-m leg
(oh) and stop looking at my leg, i see you looking at it
(i… i can’t help staring at it, i don’t know what happened)
(tell me what happened!)
you’re not supposed to ask a person how they got disabilitated
okay, cause you might have to hear a horrible horrible horrible story
(i’m not starin’, i’m carin’, i wanna know about your story!)
well i don’t feel like sharin’ okay? so let’s just call it..
i am just feeling so hot! and is it me or but
are we melting? (oh no!) i think we’re melting
(no i don’t wanna melt!) your dad was right
we shouldn’t have come out here
this place ohhh i feel woozy ohhhh boyyyyy
we didn’t even get a chance to play on any of this stuff!

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