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muddy bears (skit)

“the united states #1 ninja killer is called back into action”

i need you, i need you to come back and kill these ninjas
only you can do it blaine
i told you, i don’t kill no ninjas no mo’

“he’s back, here we go again!”

[mc chris]
one, two, three, four – everyone
everyone let’s get to the center
go to the center, go to the center
okay, these are good, now take these!
rocko, rocko you take these
rocko you take these
correct the road, you take these

“it’s time for a family reunion this christmas”

…mom, are you telling me, you’re a ninja?

[mc chris]
leave one shoe on each seat
take off your pants, take your shirt off
(shave your beard and put your beard in another seat)

…i was hoping, we could have something in common

shut the f-ck up and just watch the seat
(alright, alright, i want, i want sour patch)
these seats are more important than you are
[loud explosion] may the force be with you

“mother’s day, it’s christmas!”

c’mon you guys, shhh, c’mon c’mon

“from the makers of ninjas vs. the nazis comes”
“ninjas vs. the projects 3: ninja mom!!!”

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