21st century white$tripe – mc white$tripe текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

f*cking! umm!
mc white$tripe!


don’t f*ck with me, ’cause if you do
i’ll wait outside your house for three weeks
and i’ll peer into all the windows

i’ll get a good idea of the layout of your house
and right when you least expect it
i’m gonna break in through the bas*m*nt

who knows?
maybe even the top floor, i’ll find a way in
and i’m takin’ all your f*ckin’ weapons and valuables ‘n’ sh*t
and i’m just stabbin’ you to death

y’know, like

you don’t f*ck with me
you* you don’t f*ck with me, k?
last guy who did, he said that my song was trash, right?

so like i stabbed him to death
like, got him right in the jugular
and just, like, tore his arms off

- mc whitetripe текст песни