computers (freestyle) – migos текст песни

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[intro: bobby shmurda]
ah ah ah its your boy bobby shmurda aka i think that i’m tom cruise man
straight out the motherf-ckin tombs, man ah ah ah
free all my real n-ggas, ya heard, shmigo!

[verse 1: takeoff & offset]
free my n-gga bobby man
free my n-gga rowdy man
huh, shmigo gang
dabbing in maison margiela
get popped like a kettle, hit you in your cerebellum
i’m seeing stars in my panamera
we went through the pain, but we never let up
yellow corvette mustard, lambo red ketchup
millions that, n-gga i’m a walking vegetable
these n-ggas be biting and i’m getting fed up
got your b-tch at my condo with both of her legs up
these n-ggas be talking behind computers with a gun emoji
now he think he a shooter
eating benihana, take a trip to punta cana
f-ck it, i might land in bermuda
thirty thirty, i got thirty rounds
the shotty make a n-gga lose pounds
harriet tubman, money underground
you n-ggas is sick and we got the crown
diamonds and pearls for my girl
it’s a man’s world, i feel like james brown
smoking power at the trump tower
n-gga g-ssing, laughing, watching richard pryor
f-ck a job i don’t get paid by the hour
can’t be from the block, i heard you a coward
when you got money it come with the power
i am the supplier, grip money like pliers
stay with my glock 40 its extended
can’t wait to pull it, trigger finger itching
fork in the pot, lets go fishing
my momma always told me don’t be trusting b-tches
hit em with it, hit em with it, hit em with it
look at these diamonds like sonny liston
migos fighting in the crowd
looking like ron artest versus the pistons

[verse 2: quavo]
free my n-gga bobby b-tch
hoes in the lobby b-tch
at the age of 17, i hit my first l!ck
twelve coming hit the fence you better jump the ditch
you don’t wanna get caught with the dirty stick
told that b-tch to suck my d-ck, i don’t want no kiss
when i got my first m, i bust down my wrist
when i got my first sem, i emptied the clip
bad b-tch f-ck with a bad boy call her lil kim
hakeem olajuwon, above the rim
when i go to dc (pow) i thought it was him
then i land in bahamas, order up some shrimp
the plug wanna meet up in bahamas, told him make it quick
the money keep calling, tell it come in
free shmigo gang, bobby and free rowdy

[outro: rowdy rebel]
ah ah ah ho, its ya boy rowdy man
shmigos atl man, shmigo gang man
ah ah ah ho, yea yea yea rowdy

- migos текст песни