13 reasons why rap – miles bonsignore текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

(verse 1 season 1)

let me tell ya ’bout a bad b*tch
hannah baker
got the whole d*mn school
tryna shake her
hannah was the new girl at liberty high
she was voted best b*tt by all the guys
spoiler alert
hannah’s dead
it’s pretty sad cuz she suddenly has tons of friends
she left these tapes
which is actually kinda mean
cuz n0body has a walkman in 2019
the tapes blowin’ up like super freakin’ fast
suicide’s a smart way for her to market for her podcast
ladies and gentleman
the hannah baker show
thanks for listening
there’s thirteen episodes
each one’s a person who caused me to die
so in total
i guess there’s thirteen reasons why
snap back to the present meet bicycle boy
little mr. clay jensen acting all coy
at the movie theater clay was loving hannah’s thoughts
if the customers are cute you just put b*tter on the top
no tigers we had a nice run
everyone sit down
this reason one

holy moley
justin foley
cream ya jeans for the b*ball queen
he kissed ya girl hannah and everything was fine
bryce leaked her panty pics and justin f*cked her in a slide
doesn’t make sense
how would that work
is she in the slide and he’s like in the slide and up her skirt
alex and jess
reason two and three
three best friends drinking all the caffeine
you know how friends love to eat junk and get fat
this show understands you it taps into all that
but alex dumps jess
jess is like f*ck
hannah you’re a b*tch because i have the worst b*tt
reason four
tyler’s a peeping tom
he leaks a pic of hannah that’s pretty freakin’ bomb
reason number five
f*ck marcus cole
student body president can l!ck my hole
dude’s got less game than a bag of loose pennies
he’s the only tiger yet to try and finger at a denny’s
zach and ryan are the next two tapes
a lover and an artist these like a mistake
hey hannah some of these seem kinda undeserved
like the guy who shared the poems is now tyler the perv
well anyway
reason number ten sherry hit a stop sign and k!lled clay’s friend
next reason why
it’s bicycle guy
he actually k!lled hannah by acting kinda shy
bryce is back for his second rape
why does anyone else even have a tape
(verse 2 season 2)

slow tigers don’t be rude
sit down and buckle up for season two

season two b*tches
she back from the dead
hannah’s a ghost that’s inside of clay’s head
boys coming back in the bang hut
mrs. baker’s back in a pixie cut
yo bryce lies on the stand wearing glasses
clay’s distressed
this boy is cuttin’ classes
to solve the mystery
of hannah’s history
to see was her true love bryce
wouldn’t that be nice
to see that that all was a lie
clay’s trying get bryce to die
tyler’s got a gun bro
that’s the tea
just as hannah’s walking by and she’s like
hey tyler shoot me
that’s correct
bryce sitting at home
fully erect
eventually bryce wins the case
and bicycle boy puts a gun in his face
and tyler is dropped by his invisible friend
and justin and clay finally make their amends
everyone get hyped for the winter dance
uh oh tyler’s got a gun in his pants
clay stops the shooting with the power of love
hannah smiles down on the tigers from above
(verse 3 season 3)

easy tigers
soon you’ll see
buckle the f*ck up for season three

bryce is dead as f*ck
and hannah’s ghost is gone
what went wrong
bryce’s mom
she about to drop a bomb
it’s law and order b*tch
liberty high
sh*t went ballistic
but who did it
clay’s looking mighty suspicous
go tigers
transition transition
back to a time when bryce was alive and still kicking
justin working at monet’s
just tryin’ to make a dolla’
who this new girl though
amarowat anysia achola
the tigers help tyler to not be a shooter
and ani bangs bryce
which couldn’t be ruder
monty kisses a boy
they get in a fight
and everything’s f*cked at the homecoming night
bryce tries to be a good guy
that doesn’t work
ani is actually kind of a jerk
alex drowns bryce after zach f*cked him up
tony’s fam get’s deported
they leave all their stuff
the whole gang frames a dead monty
his boyfriend might suspect something
so everyone actually k!lled this guy
and now you’re caught up on thirteen reasons why

tigers lemme hear ya roar
coming out the door
b*tch look out for season four

- miles bonsignore текст песни