i’m doing good – minid текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

woke up this morning, didn’t even yuan
up and down grinding, i’m the black tony hawk
huh, live from the block
trying to stay with views of a hawk

i’m doing good fam
i’m doing good -4

[verse 1]
i’m moving food, i’m just trying to yeah without a spoon
i talk facts
i don’t -ssume
i keep real, from my head to my shoes
their like mini how are you
i respond i doing well good thank you
i’m polite with them hoes
n-ggas get sucked then fall in love with them hoes
it’s all about me, me, me
mini d fam i’m a real old g
i’m only 23, too mature for my age
got woman saying your too fast for your age
i’ve p-ssed the youth stage
only thing that’s left, it’s the baby face
thank god for the blessing
and rest in peace for my old brother resting

i’m doing good fam
i’m doing good -4

[verse 2]
i’m doing good, better than before
i remember when i use to go, half for a draw
time was hard, money wasn’t present
living like a student, taught me a learn
aah, fens on the block
always want ticks f-ck i look like clock
i’m like time is money
if you ain’t talking money then move out from me
see me i’m a jew, it comes to doe
when the streets gets hot i lay low
b-tch i’m on my yolo, my n-gga told you be best doing solo
aah, i didn’t even write, straight from heart
up to my mind, out of my mouth
yeah i’m doing alright

i’m doing good fam
i’m doing good -4

yeah, i just through that hard stage of life
where the devil try to put me down
but my strong believe for god
kept me going

- minid текст песни