the other side – mod sun текст песни

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“the other side”

born on the other side, names mod sun h-llo!

i broke on through to the other side [x4]

i live in a world i designed
i do what it is i desire

i’m on the other side [x4]

yeah i started out the same
young, just like any other
yeah i heard what they were sayin
but my mind was made to wonder
thinkin bout the that i ain’t never ever gone and
if i can make it there if i really wanna
live like its over time, leave this whole world behind
take a trip inside your mind, everyday like summer time
heard about the other side, thats where i gotta go
took the trip, lets say i never came back ohh
yeah they want it great at home, but i want the great unknown
i wanna breathe new air but i don’t wanna leave my zone
distractions stay away, matter of fact leave me alone
matter of fact it don’t exsist, makin this inevitable
the only way i know to make it possible, make a name for yourself
or don’t come back home
i’m comfortable with doin somethin new, its hippy hop what a break through!

i broke on through to the otherside
i live in a world…

so i gave em somethin new, let em know i am concerned
but they never talkin back, man they got a lot of nerve

- mod sun текст песни