1027 freestyle – moretti текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse: moretti]
where you at? want to know my movements
trendsetter, she know i influence
had to cut her off, she was acting foolish
you miss the old me, i been on some new sh*t
said she want louis vuitton
i’m trynna have a ménage à trois with you
so bring a friend with you
only god could judge i’ll never question you
late night you missing me s*xing you
all this time wasted that i invest in you
thought you knew the game but i had to lesson you
just roll the wawa, cannot be stressing you
i miss the mata, that head was so special
used to show you off now i’m thinking less of you
bеt you won’t forget girl i had the best of you
draining еnergy don’t get too close to me
give me 6 feet, girl i’m social distancing
i wanted to ice you out and have you glistening
start a family watch our babies get they christening
gave you my heart, and you ain’t know what to do with it
gave you my trust, but you out here just abusing it

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